How to use Smart Access software

Developed by Muhammad Ajmal P

This application helps to control electronic devices remotely. This is a cloud base application, so no Static IP required. You need a WiFi/Ethernet at Home/Office to connect Arduino devices. Then from your phone, you can control connected appliances from anywhere.

We are mainly focusing on Arduino Uno R3 and Arduino Mega 2560.

You can download the hex/bin files from here. For NodeMCU you need to use bin file from here to upload. For Arduino Uno, Nano and Mega this software can upload using the upload hex button under terminal.

For video click here.

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Let go through step by step:- 

  1. Initially please login using your google account. This is only to generate a unique id for you. So that you can control your devices from any phone using this login credentials.
  3. Please wait till the application authenticate and create an id for you. 
  4. Once the authentication is successful you can start adding your devices to the application. 
  5. Please make sure that you have enabled design mode. You can either enable design mode from general settings or directly by touching the lock icon on top right of the main screen. 
  6. To add devices you either need to go to devices from the app's navigation. 
  8. Click on the add device to add new device. You can then rename the device by touching on the new device 1.
  9. You also need to mention which board is this device. You can select Arduino Uno, Nano, Mega or NodeMCU. More board support in future. 
  10. Now click OK. 
  11. Please don't forget to save the devices from the menu. 
  12. Now return back to the home screen. You can select a place from the navigation. 
  13. Since I added device under Home I'm selecting My Home from the navigation.
  14. Now we can add controls. Currently this app support 2 type of controls. Switch and Seek Bar.
  15. Switch is to switch On or Off your devices from phone. 
  16. Seek bar is to control the PWM pins. 
  18. On selecting switch will add a pair of switches. 
  19. Simply touch on either of the switch to edit corresponding item. 
  20. Then click OK button and then please save the layout from the menu.
  21. Similarly you can add different controls. 
  22. Once they are added you can disable the design mode. You can control the devices only when not in design mode.
  23. Your application is ready to use now. You need to configure your Arduino device. You can do that from this app itself. 

WakeOnLan Feature

  1. 1st you need to enable WakeOnLan in your computer. This depend on your PC and also make sure that your PC support WakeOnLan.
  2. Normally it's not possible boot your computer from outside your network. So we need to connect the Arduino/Ethernet to the same network. 
  3. You also need to know the MAC address of you computer/PC.
  4. Now from the Smart Access software, you can add a control and select WakeOnLan.
  5. Tap on the new Layout and enter your MAC address there. 
  6. Once it's saved, click the send button and confirm to send request. 
  7. The corresponding device will read the request and it can boot you PC/OS because the device is connected to same network.
  8. Once the WOL request is send to PC, you will get a notification on mobile.

Now other important thing is to upload the hex file into you Arduino boards. 

  1. For this go to the terminal page from the navigation. Please note that the terminal page will automatically launch once you plug the Arduino device to the usb/charger port of your android phone.
  2. Currently the app support only original Arduino board or board using FTDI chip. CH34x chip etc is not supporting. Cheep Arduino nano board come with CH34x chip. 
  3. If the board is supporting then you can start uploading the code. 
  5. There is a sample hex code [for testing] which can be uploaded to the Arduino using the simple upload button. This will upload a hex file to your Arduino so that once you On Blink default LED it will blink the LED on the Arduino board. 
  6. You can upload the actual program into you Arduino using the Upload Hex menu button. 
  7. Once the code is uploaded, you need to sync your device with one of the device you added [refer step 6-10]. 
  8. For this, click the Sync Device menu button. It will ask you to select a place 1st and then a device under that place. You can select My Home and New Device 1 [Because you only added 1 device and that is under My Home].
  9. If you are connected to a proper internet [LAN for Arduino and WiFi for NodeMCU] you will get similar message as in below screen. 
  10. For NodeMCU WiFi name and password, you need to set it in the general settings. Application will update this name and password to the NodeMCU.
  11. You can use a relay module to control your device. You can refer the video to know how this can be done. 
  12. Now you can go back to the main page and start controlling your devices. You are free to add more devices and controls.